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The Lovelocker

Folkestone Sins Book 1 - Fragile Things

Folkestone Sins Book 1 - Fragile Things

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Sometimes what seems most fragile, can’t be broken

I was never supposed to meet Poe Halliday. And we definitely weren’t supposed to fall in love. But fate, and Folkestone, had other plans.

A past kept hidden from me.
A secret buried for years.
A love I never expected.

And now the dark history of this town threatens to rip us apart.

I knew this was a mistake.

♥Fragile Things is the debut novel from Samantha Lovelock, and the first book in the suspense-filled Folkestone Sins series. As it is part of an ongoing series, this book does end on a cliffhanger. This is a star-crossed lovers, angsty, mature new adult high school romance with a twist.



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