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The Lovelocker

Folkestone Sins Book 1 - Fragile Things

Folkestone Sins Book 1 - Fragile Things

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I learned way too young that there were no happy endings in life, no wealthy princes or fairy godmothers coming to save me.

After my mother’s disappearance, the system meant to protect me became a nightmare. So I ran. It wasn’t pretty, but I did what I had to do to survive. Broke, underage, and exhausted, I was on my own.

Until I opened the letter that changed everything. The invitation to meet the only family I had left—an aunt I never knew existed.

It was just supposed to be a quick trip. a break from my isolated life, borne of curiosity and a longing for connection. Poe Halliday was never part of the plan. But fate, and Folkestone, had other ideas.

A past kept hidden from me.
A brutal secret buried for years.
A sinister plot bound to destroy us all.

But I’ve got a secret of my own—sometimes what seems most fragile can’t be broken.



Fragile Things is a star-crossed lovers, angsty, mature new adult romantic suspense. It contains situations and flashbacks that may trigger some readers, including drug use, mental health issues, foul language, and scenes of a sexual nature.

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