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Cheshire -The Wonderland Novellas Book 1

Cheshire -The Wonderland Novellas Book 1

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"Follow me," he invites, "into the deepest, darkest parts. Where there are no limits, and all the best girls turn bad."

When her father is killed and her mother marries a man she barely knows, Ali’s precisely planned future falls apart. Until now, her careful life has always stayed within the lines.

Thrust into a world without boundaries, her reality blurs further when she finds herself craving the attention of the one person who scares her the most.

Torn between light and dark, how long can Ali play his dangerous game, knowing full well there aren’t any rules?


♥Cheshire is the first novella in The Wonderland Novella series. As it is part of an ongoing series, this book does end on a cliffhanger. This is a dark, new adult, angsty, college romantic suspense, and a modern, loose retelling of Alice's adventures. This is NOT a fairytale or an exact retelling.

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